Monday, 14 March 2016

Add a fully-installed Zorin OS to E2B

If you want to run Zorin as a fully-installed OS from an E2B USB drive, follow the instructions in my previous blog for Kali using VirtualBox.

Make sure your large partition image file (e.g. Zorin.) is large enough for the OS and any swap file you might want to create later + data storage (minimum approx 5GB).

Be sure to choose / (root) for the /dev/sda3 mount point choice (ext3) and set the 'Device for boot loader installation' to /dev/sda3.

   Use ext3 (not fat32) for the sda3 partition.

The Virtual Machine will also need an internet connection to download packages.

You will be warned about not having a Swap partition, but just continue anyway.

You can create a swap file later (follow the instructions in the blog and it should work).

You should now have a fully working Zorin installation on your E2B drive.